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About Me

I started working for my father’s Grand Ledge business in fifth grade. While renovating an abandoned gas station I learned by working on small projects around the building: painting, power washing, metal roofing and more.  

As a child my dad would always throw me in the truck on weekends when he went to help family members with projects or repairs.  We worked on everything from concrete to roofing; I learned a lot during those times.  As I grew older, we would go to our parent’s cottage on the weekends and my father was always working there too.  I helped with everything from tearing off two layers of shingles to tearing off the front of the cottage and installing a bowed window.  

My real passion for home improvement began in 1995 when I purchased my first home in Lansing. I spend the next few years renovating/updating our home. 

Renovations included

It was during that time I realized I had a passion for working on homes and improving their appearance.  Over the years I have updated my home as well as had the occasional neighbor ask for help. 

Over time, this became a regular occurrence.  I have assisted my neighbors, family and friends over the years with just about everything you can imagine from leaking roofs to leaking toilets. I take pride in my work and I want my customers to be 100% satisfied when I complete any project!

I have found great satisfaction in the work I have done for others over the years, and I always keep in mind while doing a project “Would I have my family live here when I leave?”

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